Mass Customized

Most innerwear brands have sizes in intervals of 5 cms resulting in ill-fitting undergarments for the majority. It is essential that one wear well-fitting and comfortable undergarments to maintain personal hygiene as well as health.

Research shows innerwear measurements for men of the same waist size varies up to 14%. Standard innerwear thus has a sizeable tolerance causing discomfort to the wearer.

Mass Customization is a way to provide better fitting and luxurious inners to the section of the population that has to deal with ill-fitting undergarments because of lack of a better option.

Design legacy offers 2 sub-sizes for every size, which is unique. For example by common industry standards, Size: Small will be between 76~81cm, whereas, we offer Small-A: between 76~78.5cm & Small-B: between 78.5~81cm. This will help a customer having a waist of 78 cms to choose Small-A, by which the tolerance level will reduced to a bare minimum resulting in perfect-fit and comfort.

Design Legacy permits itself to only craft luxurious, genuine high quality undergarments. The cuts and shapes used and the careful production process ensure unparalleled comfort. Design Legacy is proud of its stringent quality control process. Our products also undergoes a special anti-bacterial treatment to retard odor formation.Each inner-wear produced at Design Legacy aspires to be the most comfortable you have ever worn. We hope that this product meets your exacting standards.

Design Legacy Offers Mass customized products of excellent quality at competitive prices, for the discerning customer.


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